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Newsletter 6/2009
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WTIP database updated

The WTIP database has just been updated, using the most recent data from oficial sources.

Newsletter 5/2009 SPECIAL EDITION MUNICIPALITIES: Vila Nova de Gaia

This is the third newsletter dedicated to municipalities subscribed in of the SPECIAL EDITION MUNICIPALITIES launched in 2009. The WTIP newsletter 5/2009 is dedicated to the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia.



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Vila Verde and Amares prepare technological park with 100 hectare

Next to the river Homem a business park with 100 hectare dedicated to technology, innovation and knowledge is planned by the municipalities Vila Verde and Amares, involving several partners of the region.

Portugal makes a strong option on the qualification of human resources
The secretary of state for Employment and Vocational Training, Fernando Medina, emphasised that the qualification of human resources through the programme "Novas Oportunidades" (New Opportunities) and vocational training are the main tasks of the next National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF). There are already 250.000 people enrolled in the initiative "Novas Oportunidades". 70% of the resources of the Operational Programme for Human Potential of the next NSRF will be allocated to the re-qualification of human resources.
Special Funding for investments in Tourism

On 5th June 2007 the Portuguese government signed a protocol with 15 banks for an opening of a credit of 120 million Euros, appointed to the support of feasible tourism related projects which fulfil the objectives of the National Strategic Tourism Plan (PENT).

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