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Within the quarter-updating routine of, 12 indicators of the database were updated.

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Within the quarterly updating routine of 46 indicators were updated within the areas “Quality of Life”, “Employment and Unemployment”, “Ecnomical Activity”, “Services provided to companies” and “Taxes and public Investment”  of the database were updated.



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Eurobarometer 70 - Results for Portugal

The European Commission Representation in Portugal published today the National Report for Portugal based on data of the Eurobarometer 70. This report for Portugal, examines the current climate of the Portuguese public opinion regarding the situation on national and European level, the economy and the labour market and the perspectives for future development of the European Union.


View Eurobarometer 70 - National Report PORTUGAL (in Portuguese only) (625,78 KB)
The Iberian Peninsula in figures - 2008

This publication published in cooperation of the Statictic Institutes of Portugal and  Spain aims at showing the situation in Portugal and Spain, with regard to a series of indicators that overall cover the major features of life in both societies. It also intends to show the position of each country at European Union level, in relation to a number of indicators in thematic areas such as technology, labour market, education and transports.

View The Iberian Peninsula in figures - 2008 (in Portuguese and Spanish only) (3,25 MB)
Paying Taxes 2009 - The Global Picture

The new report, launched by the World Bank, IFC and PricewaterhouseCoopers, shows that tax authorities worldwide are overhauling tax systems by reducing taxes, streamlining administrative processes and modernizing payment systems.

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View Report: Paying Taxes 2009 - The Global Picture (576,2 KB)
View News Release: Paying Taxes 2009 (158,5 KB)

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