About where-to-invest-in-portugal.com

The platform where-to-invest-in-portugal.com provides critical functions for the decision process adopted by organisations, foreign and national, which are looking for a location to install their production or business units.

This decision process typically follows five steps:

  1. The option to invest in Portugal, which results from the development strategies of the company.  In this context
    where-to-invest-in-portugal.com offers the FACT_sheet.Portugal, which provides general, social and economical information about Portugal.
  2. A process of screening in the sense of determining a set of locations which satisfy the specific requirements associated with the purpose of the investment. In this context, where-to-invest-in-portugal.com offers the function Investor_DSS, which is a support system for decision making for investors.
  3. A process of acquisition of complementary information about the characteristics and conditions which constitute the attraction of the potential locations. In this context, where-to-invest-in-portugal.com offers the functions FACT_sheet.Municipalities, MAYOR_invites, SPACE_offer and BUSINESS_ opportunities.
  4. A process of acquisition of more detailed and contextualised information concerning the investment project, provided in the form of a report and focused on a restricted set of alternative locations. For this purpose, where-to-invest-in-portugal.com offers the REPORT function. 
  5. Finally, the investor may decide to make a visit to the potential locations, which can be followed by a negotiation process. In this case, where-to-invest-in-portugal.com offers the service Tour&Negotiation.

The platform where-to-invest-in-portugal.com is a space directed at investors. The information and the analysis processes available exclusively address those municipalities and other entities, which are integrated in the platform through subscription.