Investor_DSS - find the best municipalities for your investment

The function Investor_DSS is a support system for investors, which enables decision making for location finding, working through the internet.  It is based on a multi-criteria evaluation, through which investors implement a screening, allowing them to find a set of municipalities which satisfy their requirements for an optimal location.
From the users point of view the process proceeds according to the following steps:
  • Registration of the user;
  • Registration of the purpose of the session;
  • Selection of dimensions and variables to be considered in the analysis;
  • Definition of the profile of the evaluation, through the attribution of weights to the dimensions and variables;
  • Presentation of results: 15 municipalities most adequate for location;
  • Graphic presentation of the characteristics of the profiles of the first 5 municipalities;
  • Presentation of the summary sheets of the five first municipalities;
  • A complete report in pdf to download.
Users may access the module Investor_DSS and consult previous analysis in a personal/corporate reserved space accessible by password.
More than 100 variables are available for the analyses, organised in the following seven dimensions:
  • Population;
  • Quality of Life;
  • Employment and Unemployment;
  • Economic activity;
  • Services provided to companies;
  • Accessibility and transport;
  • Taxes and public investments.

The database used for the operation of the multi-criteria analyses is permanently updated and re-evaluated, but is restricted to those municipalities which are integrated in the space

The access to the decision support system Investor_DSS is free of charge, but subjected to registration.