The function FACT_sheet.Municipalities offers for visualisation an information sheet about each of the Portuguese municipalities which are integrated in where-to-invest-in-portugal.com. The fact sheet includes more than 100 variables for which updated statistical data are available and which are considered to be of relevance. They are organized according to the following seven areas:

  • Population;
  • Quality of Life;
  • Employment and Unemployment;
  • Economic activity;
  • Services provided to companies;
  • Accessibility and transport;
  • Taxes and public investments.

The FACT_sheet.Municipalities is available in English and Portuguese and is free of charge.


The function REPORT offers a support service for investors and municipalities for the development of detailed and contextualised reports.
The clients are requested to complete a form which enables one to understand the purpose and the requirements of the report. The team of where-to-invest-in-portugal.com thus can develop a proposal of the content and the respective costs.
The proposal will be sent to the client by email, and information will be exchanged until the terms of the report are completely defined.

The reports can be written in Portuguese, English, German or any other language upon the client’s request.

The price of the REPORT service is calculated according to each case.