Business Incubation Centre

Criação de parceria público-privada
Câmara Municipal de Santa Maria da Feira
Tel.: +351 256 370 800
Fax: +351 256 370 801

Santa Maria da Feira, NUTIII: Entre Douro e Vouga, NUTII: Norte

Type of investment
Industrial unit - electronic and optical equipment
Research & Development unit
Other social and personal service activities
Other business service activities
Not specified

Intended Partnership
Partner(s) interested in investing in the construction and management of a business incubation centre in the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira.

Brief description

The Municipality aims to create a Business Incuabtion Centre, which can stimulate and implement a dynamic of creating different companies, and thus looks for private investors in order to develop this project. For this purpose it is intended to create a management body that defines and coordinate the various components of its implementation.

This infrastructure with all the necessary support services plays an important role for the start up of companies and initiating entrepreneurship and innovation.

Thus we are seeking for interested parties to invest in the construction and management of a Business Incubation Centre.

Project size (in euros)--