Business Centre of Camporês

Município de Ansião
Praça do Município, Apartado 2
3241-909 Ansião
Tel.: +351 236 670 200
Fax: +351 236 677 481
email: geral@cm-ansiã

Ansião, NUTIII: Pinhal Interior Norte, NUTII: Centro

Type of investment
Logistic platform
Research & Development unit
Other business service activities
Not specified

Intended Partnership
Public-Private Partnership for the installation and entrepreneurial implementation of new investments.

Brief description

The intention of this Business Centre is to create more and better conditions for companies in the region and to implement new investments. It can be for exhibition of products but as well act as an incubator for the creation of new companies.

The Business Centre will have a large area for fairs and exhibitions, a Business Incubation Centre and offices to support entrepreneurship, more directed towards companies with strong emphasis on R&D.

Project size (in euros)2 000 000,00

Timeframeto be checked with municipality