SPACE_Offer, Industrial zone of S.João / Salvador, Ponte da Barca

Identification ^
LocationVila Chã de S. João e Touvedo Salvador
PromoterCâmara Municipal de Ponte da Barca
Rua Conselheiro Rocha Peixoto
Tel.: +351 258 480 180
Fax: +351 258 480 189
Actual statePlanned
Characteristics ^
Total area66 179 m2
Area foreseen for expansion116 023 m2
Green areas 1 665 m2
Total number of lots45
Number of lots available16
Area of smallest lot910 m2
Area of largest lot5 930 m2
Number of companies settled0
Average price per sqm1,00 EUR
CommentsThere is an area of about 8000m2 available for the installation of big enterprises
LEGEND:  Yes  No  Foreseen 
Infrastructures ^
Internal road network
Water supply system
Sewer system
Waste water treatment plant
Separate waste collection point
Watering system
Public lighting
Parking zone
Medium-voltage power supply
High-voltage power supply
Natural gas distribution system
Standard communications network
Optical fiber network
Services ^
Cleaning service
Refuse disposal service
Petrol station
Security service
Public transport
Enterpreneur association
Post office
Acessibility ^
Closest national roadEN 203
Distance to closest national road0,0 Km
Closest motorwayA3
Distance to closest motorway20,0 Km
Closest international airportFrancisco Sá Carneiro
Distance to closest international airport90,0 Km
Closest international seaportViana do Castelo
Distance to closest international seaport40,0 Km
Closest trainstationBraga
Distance to closest trainstation32,0 Km